Petro Domenigg
Petro Domenigg.

Petro Domenigg.

Born in Upper Austria in 1964.
Studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Department „Film and Television“, Vienna.
Two-year basic training in the subjects image technology/camera, direction, screenplay, editing and production.
Then specializazion in image technology/camera (3 years).
Numerous camera and director assistants and set production manager for feature films/series by Karin Brandauer, Axel Corti, Michael Kehlmann and Peter Weck as well as in advertising.
1987 Start of professional activity as still photographer, since 2004 with own photo studio FOTOLOFT.AT
Since 2018 member of the Austrian Association of Cinematographers (aac).

My first photo I took 1970
My first photo I took in 1970 at age 6 with an Agfa Isopac-Kamera. It shows my kindergarten-teacher „Schwester Katharina“. I happend to meet her during a trip with my family at the local train station.